Michelle is a biodynamic osteopathic practitioner, which means she uses the lightest touch techniques to elicit deep, lasting changes through all the systems of the body. After receiving her diploma from the Canadian College of Osteopathy (DOMP), she trained directly in this progressive approach by Dr. James Jealous DO, and continues to receive training through his faculty of osteopathic physicians. She also attends graduate studies with Philippe Druelle DO, and the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

She enjoys working with all ages of clients and especially loves sharing osteopathy with babies and kids. Her diverse life experience as an athlete, artist, world traveller and spiritual seeker keeps her very open minded, compassionate, and able to connect with people authentically.

The primary focus of initial treatment is to boost the function of the fluids of the body including nerve function, blood circulation, lymphatic flow and the immune system. This has a direct effect on all tissues and joints of the body and their ability to heal. As your primary complaints and symptoms reduce (1-3 sessions) treatments then progress to resolve what is closer to the root cause of your troubles and to bring you into contact with the experience of your “health”.

Michelle attends Post graduate training several times a year with a focus on the treatment of children, cranial osteopathy and nervous system regulation including the brain/gut connection. She is comfortable treating concussions symptoms, TMJ disorder, and migraines.

She is committed to preserving the oral tradition of osteopathy and aspires to one day make a modest contribution to proliferating or advancing the science in the field of osteopathic manual therapy.

Come as you are and I'll meet you there :)

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” − Rumi

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