Martina Bagnoli comes from Italy and she completed her Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy at Italian Accademy of Osteopathic Medicine (AIMO) and British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 2016. She's been part of the teaching body for articulatory techniques subject and as a thesis supervisor at AIMO.

Martina learned about osteopathy when she was a water skier athlete in Italy. She was constantly in contact with different therapists and, while they were explaining to her why she felt pain, she became passionate about the anatomy and the healing processes.

Martina's approach sees the person as a whole unit in which mind and body are strictly connected. She likes to understand where the pain is coming from by analyzing the body, the movement and the personal lifestyle. She believes that the patient and the therapist should work together to find the best treatment because each of us is different and has different needs. !Martina uses different types of manual techniques to help with different kinds of disorders such as muscle/articulation pain, chronic pain, stress, temporomandibular (TMD) and postural disorders, headaches, digestive or other visceral disorders.

Over the years Martina realized how much chronic pain is difficult to get rid of and how much this kind of pain interferes with the personal life and this is why she specialized in chronic pain management.

Martina loves to work with adults, kids, pregnant women and athletes.

When she's not working, she loves to walk in nature, hike and do yoga.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” − Rumi

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